Massaging needed during a heart attack or cardiac arrest

 In general, massage is one of the safest and effective ways to get relaxed. But if at all you have any heart issues or cardiac arrest it’s always better to check with your specialist doctor so that they can provide you with the safe massage according to your condition. When you go for a massage, the massage pressure will move the fluids all around your body. So, the professional therapists need to check the blood pressure of the patient before and after the massage. Massage is known to reduce stress and make you relaxed. It also can stimulate the nerve endings present in the skin and releases endorphins which is the feel-good hormone. A good massage will also reduce the levels of cortisol and adrenaline which are the stress hormones. This will, in turn, reduce the blood pressure and the heart rate. 

When you have any heart failure issues your doctor might ask you to go for a gentle massage in a sitting position particularly when you feel any kind of breathing difficulty when you lie down. It can include hands, head and neck or feet massage. It would be best if you have a pacemaker device by preventing the area where the device is inserted and having massage over other areas. Particularly when you go for anticoagulant medicines do not go for the deep massage. The massage can best help you to get out from any heart attack which you had gone through or if you are recovering from heart surgery. It’s advisable to check with your specialist for the number of days that you need to get all the wounds healed and accordingly you can plan for the massages. 

It’s always better to go for the professional and qualified practitioner so that they would be able to assess your health conditions and provide you with the best advice. You should always avoid eating heavy meals and prevent drinking alcohol before you go for the massage. There are various cardiac rehab centers which can provide you with required and suitable massage treatments for those who are suffering from cardiac issues and heart attacks. They would understand your condition and provide you with customized treatments and massages according to the individual’s health. If your specialist advice you to go for a massage, it’s the best treatment to go with. You will definitely enjoy the massage and according to various studies, it is shown to reduce blood pressure and can also help you to have better sleep than before. So, until and unless it causes some kind of side effects according to your health conditions doctors usually advise their patients to go with mild massages. If you go for a massage based on the doctor’s advice and under their guidance you can be safe and there are higher chances that you can overcome all your heart-related issues within a short period.